Best Affordable Foundations and Bronzers for Pale Skin



Over the years I have tried many beauty brands, and today I’ll share the best drugstore makeup for pale skin. First of all, we can all agree that the struggle to find the right colour foundation is real. It is especially easy for those of us who have porcelain white skin to start looking like an orange after trying a shade darker foundation. But don’t fret as there are many foundations for us! All hope is not lost yet.


Maybelline ‘Fit me!’ – 30ml

I have been using ‘Fit me!’ Maybelline foundation in a shade Porcelain for a long time now. The shade for me fit perfectly (pun not intended). Consistency is not full coverage, but it is enough for those who need just a little bit to smoothen the skin tone out and cover the pores. It looks natural and not cakey on the skin. What I loved about it is that it used to have a pump, but unfortunately, now it is sold without and I have started a quest for a new foundation.



Bourjois Healthy Mix – 30ml

I have repeatedly bought this foundation. It had a similar consistency to ‘Fit me!’ which I really liked. It feels refreshing on the skin, and it’s probably because it has vitamins C, E and B5. Good for an everyday wear, but it didn’t last 16 hours as Bourjouis advertise. Also, they have a variety of shades to choose from, which is always good for us pale skin gals.


Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ – 30ml

I have found this foundation to be just as good as ‘Fit me!’, the shade I use is Light Porcelain. It is also the same size as ‘Fit me!’ – 30 ml. However, the coverage is thicker, so you need to use this foundation sparingly, pea size of the foundation is often enough. One of the advantages is the pump so you won’t waste any foundation. It brightens up the skin, has a nice smell, contains vitamin C and SPF 30. Rimmel is definitely my favourite foundation now, because of its multitasking properties.





Bourjois Paris Bronzing Powder – 16.5g

This bronzer smells like chocolate, which some people won’t like, but I personally, really like the smell – it lifts the spirit right up. It even looks like chocolate, the idea is that you open it up like a chocolate box. The packaging is amazing for this reason alone. I have it in the shade médianes, which is medium. It also has a bit of a sparkle to it, however, it is barely noticeable and looks matte on the skin. It lasts for many hours and is especially good for pale skin as you can layer it up and don’t end up looking like Oompa Loompa, as is the case with many other bronzers. Highly recommend this one.



Match Made No7 Bronzer – 10g

Although this one is a bit more expensive than other bronzers, it’s definitely worth to try it out. I’ve got mine in shade Caramel after I went for a skin tone match in Boots and was quite surprised that medium Caramel fit my skin tone better than the lighter version. As I found out, you only need a little bit and it goes a long way. So I decided to give it a go, and it is great to wear in the evening when you want bolder makeup than usual. However, on the daytime I would still go with my Bourjois bronzer, as it looks more natural. Both bronzers do their job well and won’t leave you disappointed.  Oh and it has a cute compact mirror!




Demi x


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